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Putting the Patient First

We offer consultations online, using webcam etc.

For those who are unable to travel to see us or have us visit their homes, we offer a Video Consultation Service with Christopher Day (homeopathic vet, herbal vet and holistic vet). This service is in support of local vets, not a substitute and it is offered in the spirit of improving animal welfare.

While our obvious preference is for an in-person meeting, this service should be of assistance to those who are disabled or ill, have no transport, live in remote parts of the UK or its Islands, live in other countries or whose animals cannot travel for any reason, making it otherwise impossible for them to obtain holistic veterinary treatment.

This service can apply to horses, dogs, cats, farm animals and other species, bringing our service into your own premises, wherever you live, anywhere in the world.

We can offer homeopathy, herbal medicine and other natural vet therapies, natural feeding and holistic management advice via this service. We cannot, of course, offer any 'hands-on' therapy (e.g. chiropractic manipulation or acupuncture) unless we can meet your animal in the flesh. If more than one therapy is deemed necessary for a patient the therapies will be combined in an integrated therapeutic programme, in order to avoid clashes. Natural feeding advice is offered for each patient.

Please visit if you require more details.

Please telephone 01367 710324 [International: +44 1367 710324] to make an appointment and to find out what documentation we require.

To ascertain world time differences, if applicable, please visit World Clock.


Is someone who uses acupuncture, herbal medicine (herbs - herbalism - phytotherapy), homeopathy etc. a 'natural vet', an alternative vet', a 'complementary vet' or a holistic vet'? We think the precise nomenclature is not as important as the service offered and the patient care provided. However, for those who are interested in these terminologies, we have a page discussing the issues around each.

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Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre

Chinham House

Stanford in the Vale


SN7 8NQ [UK]


Tel.: 01367 710324 [International: #44 1367 710324]

Fax: 01367 718243 [International: #44 1367 718243]



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Holistic vet service: Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre, Chinham House, High Street, Stanford in the Vale, Oxon SN7 8NQ (UK)

Tel.: 01367 710324 - Fax: 01367 718243

International: Tel.: +44 (0)1367 710324 - Fax: +44 (0)1367 718243

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