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Putting the Patient First

At the AVMC, as an integral part of our holistic vet approach, we believe that feeding a species-suitable, fresh*, natural (preferably organic) diet is the best option for your animal, whatever the species. We believe that this is the best platform on which to build health and longevity in every patient, even if a problem is not obviously diet-connected. In fact, however, a great many health problems may actually stem from an unsuitable (usually manufactured and processed) diet. Chris Day, Natural Vet, believes that the diet we feed to our animals is as important as medicine.

In addition to providing an integrated programme of homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic manipulation or whatever therapy is necessary, we offer dietary and feeding advice for every patient, whatever the species.

Our aim is to provide a diet that is as reasonably close to the natural foods of the equivalent wild species as possible, since this should be closest to the evolved needs of the species. This applies whether we are considering domesticated cat, dog, horse, pony, cattle or whatever.

We avoid foods that are 'foreign' to the species, e.g. we would not, of course, advise feeding ingredients of animal origin to a horse, which is an obligate herbivore.

When treating an ill animal, we may increase the input of certain minerals, vitamins or amino acids, in the short term, to achieve our medical and therapeutic objective. Input may then be returned to maintenance levels, in the longer term. Mostly, however, we believe it is best to feed a variety of fresh, species-suitable, preferably organic foods, each component in moderation. In this way, the animal is usually then able to balance its own nutrition.

Mr Day has written books on the natural feeding of horses, natural feeding of dogs and natural feeding of cats.

More in-depth information is available at:

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Christopher Day also offers a Video Consultation Service. This is for the benefit of those unable to travel to us for any reason or who are inaccessible to our visiting service. This is truly international and allows holistic consultations for animals anywhere in the world.

* includes fresh-frozen food.

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